I have been employed in the IT field for 20+ years with experience ranging from PCs to mainframes.


  • BS Computer Science - 2008 - University of West Georgia
  • MS Computer Science - 2018 - Georgia Institute of Technology



  • IBM 370 and 4300 Systems Programmer Assembler, PL/I, VM/VSE Installation, Tuning and Support (now you know how old I am ;-)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer Installation and Setup of Microsoft Windows-based networks
  • DOS developer Clipper, C
  • Web developer PHP, ASP, ASP.Net
  • Windows developer Visual Basic, C++, Java, C#/.Net
  • Database developer MSSql, MySQL
  • Linux Debian
  • Drupal.org Maintainer of Bracket, SCO Node and Webform Report Modules


  • Drupal 7


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